Electronic Cigars Guide

Why Is it Better To Switch To Electronic Cigarettes?


Despite all of the health hazard warnings that we see on T.V regarding smoking, the incidents of someone quitting the habit is very slim. This is because of the reason that smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. There are a number of smokers that  would really want to quit but do not know how to start. Well, for these people that are willing to break the habit, there is a product that will surely get them off the stinky.


According to studies, quitting the habit of smoking is all in the mind, it is just a matter of self-discipline and control. But for long time smokers, there are really habits that are hard to let go. It is very important though that when you decide to quit smoking, you have to be sure about it and own it, or else all of your efforts will be put to waste. And to help you achieve that goal, a fairly new product is out in the market which has promising results and has already help a lot of smokers quit the habit, and this product is the best electronic cigarette or also known as e-cig.


Devices that help smoker quit are not new, there are  a variety of products before the invention of the e-cig and these  products are the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and much more. But, these products only have little success compared to what e-cig has been yielding.


The first design of e-cigs really  looks  like  the real cigarettes, this product emits a vapor which is caused by heating a liquid that has a nicotine  content  on it minus  the  harmful  chemicals you find in real cigarettes like tar and other cancer-causing chemicals. According to several studies, vaping as what they call it causes very little to zero effects on your health. It just helps you achieve your nicotine intake daily without dealing with the possible carcinogenic agents found in the real cigarette. It doesn't emit second-hand smoke which can be more dangerous to the people that will be able to inhale it. Read http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-mash/vape-culture-attracts-tee_b_8215340.html to gain more info about ecigs.


The best e cig are battery powered which means that there is no combustion or burning of materials just to create smoke. E-cigs have an atomizer which basically turns the e-liquid into vapor. According to studies, e-cigarettes have been effective in helping you quit smoking as it stimulates the habit of puffing smoke minus the harmful effects, unlike gums ad patches.  There is also faster intake of nicotine in e-cigs compared to other products which mean that your nicotine needs will be addressed right away with just a puff.